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Important & superlative 10 tips to crack IIT-UCEED Exams

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There are many tough and equally competitive entrance exams conducted in India. Amongst these tough and competitive entrance exam is UCEED(Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design) exams that are conducted by IIT Bombay. This is a joint entrance exam to get admission into Bachelor of Design programs in IIT-Bombay, IIT-Guwahati, and IITDM-Jabalpur.

UCEED exam is a mixture of logical thinking and reasoning along with creative thinking. The UCEED exam is all about seeing the unseen, ability to visualize, design, recreate to solve problems. Students who are preparing for these UCEED exams should have a correct attitude, proper UCEED preparation books, and UCEED coaching to crack this exam.

There are many good UCEED coaching centers that are well-trained to provide you with not only proper UCEED preparations but also the skills to be a problem identifier and solver that is equally crucial to crack UCEED exams.

To crack the UCEED exams these ten excellent tips that will be very beneficial for the students appearing for the next UCEED exams. Keep these ten effective tips in mind along with those UCEED coaching, and crack this exam with ease:


1. Keep the center of attention on Mathematical Geometry :

Mathematics plays a pivotal role in the UCEED exam. Thus, one should always give an extra focus on solving those complex mathematical questions. The paper consists of mainly mathematical geometrical questions that will judge the examinee their imaginative, observation and creative skills and power along with lateral thinking.

2. Sharpen your Visualization and Observation Skills :

Observation is a key skill required to crack the UCEED exam, and for this one examinee needs to observe everything around them. Observe the activities happening on roads, at home and institutes. Try to recall them by sketching the scene, this will help a lot in improving the observation skills.

3. Abstract tests need extra attention :

Abstract tests are a part of this exam to judge the examinee’s pattern finding and problem-solving skills and abilities. Therefore, it is important to prepare for questions that can help in accessing abstract, mathematical and mechanical problems.

4. Practice your English Comprehension and Language :

This exam does not demand fluency in English, but, one should be proficient in English Comprehension, reading, and ability to convey their ideas. Thus, to gain this basic knowledge of the English language one needs to make a habit of reading newspaper and magazines and adapt their way of writing and conveying of information.

5. Get a hold on Reasoning test :

The reasoning is one such part of the exam which needs a quick-witted mind to solve the questions. Therefore to get this skill, solve as many as possible puzzles and/or riddles to sharpen your skills.

6. Keep a track on your environmentalstudies and General Knowledge :

Keep yourself updated with the current affairs, environmental studies and General Knowledge. This won’t just help in cracking the UCEED exam but being updated with what’s happening in and around the World will always prove beneficial for you.

7. Give a thorough look at the previous year’s question papers :

To understand the pattern of this exam and the levels of complexity it will offer, it is very important to study and solve previous year’s question papers to understand the levels and types of questions one will get to solve.

8. Create designs that are environmentalfriendly :

Make sure whatever you design must not have a negative impact on the environment. Also, one must keep in mind the ongoing concept to score the maximum out of their designs.

9. Exercise with your free-hand drawing skills :

Devoting time in practicing free-hand drawing and figure sketches is very important to adapt the creative thinking part for this exam. Make a practice to sketch everyday objects and activities around you. Just being a great artist is not enough, you should also have the caliber to express and convey thoughts through your sketches.

10. Get hold of comics/Comic strips/Creative Visualization in newspapers :

Make a habit of reading comic stories, creative visualizations in newspapers daily. These will help you in learning to build a storyline. In UCEED exams you might come across some questions to be represented as a storyline.

So, these are those important and superlative tips one should follow along with a good UCEED coaching and a proper UCEED preparation books. There are many good coaching centres offering excellent UCEED preparation skills and techniques to crack this exam.

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