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How to Prepare for NID Second Phase (Studio Test)

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If you are among those countless aspirants who wish to set their career in design but don’t know where to start, we are here for you. NID Studio Test is one of the significant tests that will decide your career path. After assessing the aspirants through CAT (Creative Ability Test) and MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions Test), the best students are shortlisted for NID Studio Test.

Since the creamy layer have been shortlisted for this round, this is more important and challenging than the first round. At Silica, you find support and guidance to help you with your design career at all levels. Here are some simple tips to help you prepare for the NID studio test well:

Assess Yourself

The beginning of your effort should be from knowing exactly where you stand. A good student is one who knows where he is lacking and is able to work on that aspect. Try out some of the practice NID Tests at home. You must solve these tests as if they are real exams and timing your efforts appropriately. It will help you understand how good or how bad you are at your subjects.

Get the Best Self-study Material

Once you know exactly where you stand, you can take help of Silica’s NID Studio Self Study material for the different subjects. The NID Study Material Kit by Silica is custom designed understanding the requirements of students preparing for NID Bdes (DAT) Entrance Exams.

Make Use of the NID Studio Home Coaching Kit

As you all know, each round of NID Exams gets more challenging as the competition is much more.

You can rely on Silica’s NID Studio Home Coaching Kit

Particulars of Product Online Kit Box Kit Box Kit & DVD
Rs 500 Rs 1,000 Rs 1,500
7 Day Course with 30+ Preparatory Videos Online Online DVD
7 Day Workbook with 100+ studio test questions Online Book Book
20+ materials for real Studio Test experience @ Home Yes Yes
PPT and Video Resources for Interview Preparation Online Online Online
PPT and Video Resources for Design Portfolio Online Online Online
For M.Des. – Discipline Specific questions / tests Online Online Online

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NID Studio 10 Days Crash Course

You can rely on Silica’s exquisite NID Studio 10 Days Crash Course. Designed by alumni from NID, this comprehensive crash course is the best way to furnish your knowledge and get closer to achieving your dream of a career in design. 

The course charges Rs 5000 and in this the following factors are included:

  • Students are made to solve 10 past years’ studio test papers in class. There could be no better way to practice for the NID tests.
  • Each student is entitled to a free home coaching kit with this course.
  • The MDEs are coaching for 19 NID disciplines.
  • The crash course helps students get a thorough grasp on the subjects. Solving the sample papers helps them gain confidence in the knowledge they have gained.
  • Admissions for the crash course are open from March 2019 at all Silica Centres

NID Studio Workshops

The study of the subject is just part of the challenge. Using the skills to right use is the next level. This can be done easily once you have enrolled yourself to Silica’s special NID Studio Workshops. During these workshops, the students understand the need for time management. The gurus as SILICA train each student in 3D modelling while being time efficient. They help the students understand the significance of time management. The hands-on workshop helps students imbibe the lessons they have grasped during their crash course sessions.

True understanding is never possible under stress. That is why the mentors at SILICA entertain while they teach to ensure that the lessons taught are grasped by each student. Special attention is focussed on slow learners so that everyone benefits equally from such workshops.

Practical Session After Workshop

The NID Test helps to give a better assessment of each candidate. Based on such assessments, the mentors train the students using simple techniques and realistic approach. The mentors try to help the candidates to get a different perspective based on the tools and materials available. Such practical approach helps them get better at the art of designing.

Portfolio Preparation for Each Student

As the competition in the design industry is very high, the portfolio of each candidate must reflect his unique set of skills and talents. A standard format of the portfolio does not work for all candidates. Individual portfolios need to be created based on individual skill sets.

The mentors at Silica take time to understand the skills and perspectives of different candidates. They grasp these and then come up with interesting ideas to inspire for portfolios of different candidates. Such skilfully prepared portfolio that reflect a student’s skills and abilities always help in the long run.

Bonus Tips to Help Crack NID

You may have been shortlisted for NID Studio Test because you possess the required skills and potential. Yet, this is just the beginning. Here are some tips that will help you in your journey along the design career:

Be Original and Creative

Doing the same thing again will never get you noticed. If you wish to be known for your unique designs, be brave enough to be original. Show the courage to explore your creative skills in the design realm.

Learn to Manage Time

While the mentors at Silica already take sessions to help you manage time, you also need to do your bit. You may have high potential and very good skills but they are futile if you cannot use them to clear your papers within the stipulated time. This is why time management proves extremely crucial.

Know Your Inspiration

Just like a poet has his muse, a designer too finds his inspiration somewhere. Try to identify what inspires you to explore designing ideas. Do not take up design out of peer pressure. Design is a career option for those who possess a true liking for it.

Drawing Related Tips

It is a great idea to practice on A4 size papers rather than A3 size papers. It is advisable to practice with dry mediums (colours) due to the ease of use and superior convenience they offer. One misconception people have is that a great artist is a great designer. This is not true and you should not be confused about where your calling actually lies. Your creativity is useful only if you can express it in paper in the time allocated to you.

Silica is the one website where all design aspirants can prepare for their NID Studio Test and achieve the success they so aspire to get.

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