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Art Careers for 10th, 11th & 12th Std (UG)

Fine Art Applied Art
Painting Graphic Design
Interior Decoration Photography
Textile Design Exhibition Design
Metal Work Display & Stage Craft

Careers by Industry

Art is a broad field with a wide array of disciplines, ranging from painting to music, performing arts to industrial design. Here, prospective artists can explore a list of distinct career paths within various categories of art to find the information they need to get started on the right foot. Designers, performers, fine artists, and musicians alike can search for options that help them unlock their creativity.

Applied Arts

Applied Art refers to the application of artistic design to enhance the aesthetics of objects and products in everyday use. Unlike fine art, which is an art form practiced primarily for the beauty, intellectual stimulation, and purity of the discipline, the objective of the applied arts is to improve utilitarian objects with both aesthetics and function in mind. This may include a wide range of items and products - everything from furniture to a car, an iPhone or children's toy, a swimming pool or concert hall.


Automotive Designer

Furniture Designer

Golf Course Designer

Home Stager

Industrial Designer

Interior Designer

Landscape Architect

Naval Architect

Product Designer

Swimming Pool Designer

Toy Designer

Transportation Designer

Urban Designer

Art & Art Studies

The study of art can lead to employment in a number of career fields. If there is a particular area of art that you are passionate about and would like to nurture into a career, there are traditional paths in the visual and fine arts, applied arts, advertising and marketing, and many other modern forms of media such as animation, graphic design, education, and more that are in the general category of art studies.

Art Auctioneer

Art Dealer

Art Historian

Art Professor

Art Teacher

Art Therapist


Museum Exhibit Designer

Museum Curator



Craft & Fine Art

Craft and fine artists work with a variety of materials such as ceramics, textiles, wood, glass, paper, and metal to produce creative works of art for sale and exhibition. Handmade objects, including glassware, pottery, sculptures, textiles, jewelry, and clothing are just a few examples of the functional art that a craft artist may produce. Fine artists, who produce original works of art with aesthetics in mind, often find careers in the categories of painting, sculpture, and illustration to be the most fruitful.

African Artist

Airbrush Artist



Ceramic Artist

Courtroom Sketch Artist

Craft Artist

Floral Designer

Found Artist


Graffiti Artist

Digital Arts

The field of digital arts has rapidly become one of the most popular and exciting professional choices for people seeking artistic careers, as technology has fueled boundless opportunities for creative innovation. Using a computer and modern software programs, the digital artist may work on a wide array of projects such as video animation, developing a website user interface, creating artwork for the visual elements of a video game, illustrating a medical manual, creating two-dimensional images for fashion design, and more.

3D Animator

3D Modeler

Book Cover Artist

Book Illustrator

Cartoon Artist

Comic Book Artist


Photography is an exciting career opportunity, as photographers are needed in a wide variety of industries and settings. The work of photographers is critical to businesses that rely on images to record an event or tell a story, such as broadcasting, newspaper, periodical, book, and directory publishers, commercial design, advertising, and fashion.

Advertising Photographer

Celebrity Photographer

Aerial Photographer

Macro Photographer

Nature Photographer

Photo Retoucher



Portrait Photographer

Underwater Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Wildlife Photographer