SILICA’S International Design Portfolio Coaching

What is a design portfolio? Why is it required for admission?
A design portfolio is generally a combination of Observational Art, Personal Art and Specific Requirements of the School. It is required so international design schools can assess a students drawing and design skills, observation, aesthetic sense, creativity and perception before admitting them into one of their art or design programs at graduate or post-graduate level.

International Design Portfolio Coaching at SILICA:
Several Schools in USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada etc accept SILICA’s International Design Portfolio program for entry to their graduate and post graduate program in Art or Design.

SILICA Course Details 2 Term Course1 Term Course
When to join? 18 months before application deadline 10 months before application deadline
Total Duration 76 classes (304 hrs) 42 classes (168 hrs)
Class frequency 4 hrs / once a week 4 hrs / once a week
Installment facility available? Yes Yes

*New batch starts every month
*Classes are conducted on weekends or weekdays at convenient times

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Course Content

SILICA provides comprehensive coaching considering each student’s aptitude and skill level. It helps develop a portfolio which will suit the requirements of a whole range of art and design schools abroad.

SILICA Course Modules2 Term Course 1 Term Course
Drawing and Design Foundation 22 classes (88 hrs) 22 classes (88 hrs)
Visual Thinking using Image Editor 4 classes (16 hrs) -
Visual Thinking using Drawing Software 4 classes (16 hrs) -
Visual Thinking using 3D Design & Models 4 classes (16 hrs) -
Observational Art Portfolio Development 10 classes (40 hrs) 5 classes (20 hrs)
Personal Art Portfolio Development 10 classes (40 hrs) 5 classes (20 hrs)
Advanced Portfolio Development 10 classes (40 hrs) 5 classes (20 hrs)
Portfolio presentation and Application Guidance 10 classes (40 hrs) 5 classes (20 hrs)
Total 76 classes (304 hrs) 42 classes (168 hrs)

*Note- Students who have completed BFA or B.Arch can opt out of the Drawing & Design Foundation module

Module nameModule description and contents
Drawing & Design Foundation Developing skills in design principles, human figure drawing, perspective, isometric drawing, compositions, object drawings.
Visual Thinking Using Digital Software Students explore visualization and design thinking using digital softwares. This medium helps them explore and experiment with thousands of shapes, effects, colors, compositions, designs and then replicate that on paper.
Visual Thinking Using 3D Design & Models Students explore different materials and create 3D models. Learning this medium helps students understand design in the real 3D world and then replicate the 3D representations on paper.
Observational Art Portfolio Development Observational art is drawing or painting in a traditional method using a still life, figure model, portrait or landscape as the subject and rendering the subject as accurately as possible. Highly experience Masters of Fine / Applied Art coach students to excel at observational portfolio development.
Personal Art Portfolio Development Personal art is the work done outside of a classroom situation and reflects the artists' unique interests in use of materials, subject matter and concept. Masters of Fine / Applied Art coach students to excel at personal art portfolio development.
Advanced Portfolio Development Design schools also require specific works to be included in the portfolio e.g. Rhode Island School of Design requires drawing of a “bicycle”. This coaching helps students develop portfolio that meets these specific school requirements. For post-graduate level, this will include development of specialization specific portfolio e.g. communication design.
Portfolio Presentation and Application Guidance The faculty will also guide students in assembling and presenting a portfolio. Also guidance is provided at each step of the application process.